A Guide to Pursuing an Online PhD


What is a PhD?

A PhD is short for a Doctor of Philosophy and is the most common type of doctorate degree in the U.S. Most doctorate degrees like the PhD are referred to as terminal degrees, which means that it is the highest level of education that can be attained in a field of study. Therefore, the best […]


Should I earn my PhD online?

If you are considering earning your PhD online, there are several factors that you should consider before you apply to any programs. The most important of these are accreditation, your career objectives and your field of study. Accreditation Institutional Accreditation It is important for you to make sure that your online school is accredited by […]


PhD Application

The general application process for PhD programs is similar to applying to a bachelors or masters program. However, the application requirements for PhD programs are often more specific and require much more consideration and preparation. Application Components When you apply to PhD programs, you often apply to both the university and to the department in […]


Doctoral Degree Requirements and Policies

Each doctoral program and university has its own set of requirements that students must meet in order earn their PhDs. Credits Depending on your program and school, you will have to meet a minimum number of credits of coursework in your area of study. In general, the majority of these credits must come from graduate-level […]


How to Survive a PhD Program?

Whether they are online or offline, PhD programs require you to be organized, have good study habits and excellent time management skills. Study Tips If you gain admission to a PhD program, the chances are good that you are a pretty good student. However, it is always good to review good study habits. Manage Your […]


How do I finance my PhD?

There are many ways to finance your PhD program, including fellowships, assistantships, awards and student loans. Fellowships Fellowships are a type of scholarship that is usually only available to graduate students in masters and PhD programs. Students who receive fellowships are known as fellows. Fellows are typically awarded financial resources to pursue research in a […]