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Thanks for stopping by OnlinePhDPrograms.org, which was designed with you, a potential PhD student, in mind. A doctoral degree is the final frontier in the world of advanced education and it is a challenging and formidable journey. This site is here to help prospective students find answers to questions they have about attaining an online PhD education such as what factors are essential to consider when choosing a program, how to apply to the programs, what scholarships and financial aid options are available, and how to use your degree to get the job you want after graduation.

We understand that the undertaking of a doctoral degree is a demanding commitment that will take both time and money. That’s why we have created this website; to make it easier for you to decide what comes next for your education. We’ve done this by collecting all the information you need and organizing it comprehensively in one accessible place so that you can use your time in the most efficient way.

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