Antonio Vieira

The biggest strength of University of Phoenix is that it teaches students how to use the online environment to interact globally. It used to be that if you needed to do international business, you would catch a plane to a foreign country. But now you can communicate with people in other countries from your computer. University of Phoenix recognizes the value of international communication.


University of Phoenix


Master of Business Administration in Global Management, University of Phoenix (2009), Bachelor of Science in Finance, University of Phoenix (2008)


PhD in Business Administration


Why did you decide to attend University of Phoenix to get your doctorate degree in business administration?

I decided to attend University of Phoenix for my doctorate degree because it seemed like the most accessible way to experience higher education. In my native country, few people earn more than a high school education. But University of Phoenix offered me the chance to learn more about business in a format that I can work with. I chose to pursue my Doctorate in Business Administration because I love numbers. In fact, my first job was in accounting with the army. Business administration gives me the chance to watch the numbers that matter to a business grow.

What are your school’s biggest strengths?

The biggest strength of University of Phoenix is that it teaches students how to use the online environment to interact globally. It used to be that if you needed to do international business, you would catch a plane to a foreign country. But now you can communicate with people in other countries from your computer. University of Phoenix recognizes the value of international communication and teaches students how to conduct it.

Do you view University of Phoenix as a community?

Yes, I do view University of Phoenix as a community because I am able to take multiple classes with the same online students. We get to know one another online and that leads to a sense of togetherness, even though we don’t see each other face to face.

Does University of Phoenix have brick-and-mortar campuses?

Yes, University of Phoenix does have brick-and-mortar campuses. They have physical buildings in dozens of locations all across the United States.


How are you paying for college?

I am paying for college through student loans from the government. Sometimes I find the process of applying for federal financial aid frustrating because they ask me the same questions every year, even though I have been receiving aid since 2003.

Do you feel like your overall cost of education is more or less than the cost of a degree at a traditional institution?

I think that I pay significantly less for my degree by going to school online. My doctoral degree from University of Phoenix costs around $2,300 for every 3-credit class. But if I went to a traditional school, I would have to pay to live on campus and that would end up costing me far more than my online program.

Admissions Requirements

Can you describe the admissions process from start to finish?

Since I went to University of Phoenix for my undergraduate and masters degrees, the admissions process for my doctoral degree was not very difficult. I had to take a test to prove that my level of writing was scholarly, and I had to write a personal statement.

What did you write about in your personal statement?

In my personal statement, I wrote about the reasons I wanted to become a doctor. Many people think that all doctors are in it to make a lot of money, but the reason I wanted to earn my doctoral degree is to use my education to teach others and to help make the world a better place.

Did you have an admissions interview?

Yes, I had an admissions interview. My admissions advisor asked me questions to find out more about the reasons I wanted to earn my doctorate. It seemed like she was trying to determine if I was dedicated to being a lifelong learner or if I was just trying to earn more money.

Classroom Experience

How is class material presented?

Our class material is mainly presented through textbooks. There is a lot of outside reading. In fact, we have so much reading to do that I sometimes feel overwhelmed. After we complete the reading, we are expected to participate in the discussion board.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of this style of presentation?

The benefit of online learning is that it is more structured than a brick-and-mortar classroom. A traditional classroom is full of class clowns who distract other students with jokes. But in an online classroom, I am never distracted by others. Nobody bothers me and I can concentrate from my own home.

Are you able to stay engaged in your online coursework?

Yes, I am able to stay engaged in my coursework because I have no other choice. There is so much work to do that I don’t have a chance to get bored.

Do your professors encourage class participation?

Instructors do not only encourage participation, they mandate it. For instance, if you don’t put in the right amount of time and effort into the discussion questions, you lose points in your grade. Participation is essential to passing a course at University of Phoenix.

What method of communication do you use to keep in touch with your professors?

I normally use e-mail to interact with my instructors because it is a more private form of communication than the class forum. But, occasionally, I have had to call a instructor on the phone as well.

Can you rate the faculty on a scale of Excellent, Good, Average, Poor, Extremely Poor, in terms of:

Criteria Rating Reasons
Overall  Excellent
Qualifications Excellent They have many years of on-the-job training.
Knowledgeable Excellent Instructors have both life experience and professional experience.
Assignments 1)Relevance: Good2)Reasonable: Good 3)Clarity: Good 4)Assistance Provided: Good  5)Feedback Given: Good The assignments usually reflect what you studied that week.
Grading Excellent The feedback that instructors give is honest and useful.
Responsiveness  Excellent They answer me quickly when I ask for help.
Reliability Excellent
Interest taken in class as a whole Excellent
Interest taken in student as an individual Excellent They try to treat every person as an individual.

What resources does University of Phoenix provide to help you succeed in the classroom?

University of Phoenix provides many resources for its students, from a writing center to personal tutoring sessions. I especially appreciate the writing center because it is tailored to scholarly writing. That means it teaches us how to use APA format and how to cite references in your papers.


Does your program include a dissertation component?

Yes, I have to write a dissertation, but I am not to that stage in my program yet. The process will be to come up with an original topic that nobody has ever written about before. Then I will have to write a proposal about my topic, which will have to be reviewed by a panel. If the panel approves the dissertation proposal, I can begin to collect my data.

Are you given an advisor to assist you through the dissertation process?

Yes, I get to choose an advisor to help me through the dissertation process. But mentors are not allowed to advise many people at the same time, so they are in high demand.

Does your program have a residency requirement?

Yes, there are some residency requirements to my doctoral program at University of Phoenix. For example, I recently attended a 4-day residency that was all about the process of writing a dissertation.

If you were to do it again, would you sign up for University of Phoenix’s doctoral program in business administration?

Yes, I would sign up for this program again. The only way that I could fail is if I choose not to do the work, because University of Phoenix provides me with all the tools I need to earn my education. If I do not succeed, I only have myself to blame.


What general advice would you give to a student who is considering a doctorate degree in business administration at University of Phoenix?

My advice for students who want to earn a doctoral degree through University of Phoenix is to be committed. If you are not committed to finishing your program, you have no motivation to move forward when your program gets difficult, which it will. You can’t leave things until tomorrow and assume that it will all work out, because tomorrow will bring another assignment.