Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when to quit my PhD program?

A PhD degree is perhaps the most challenging academic pursuit a student can undertake, requiring years of hard work and discipline. No matter how carefully you consider the pros and cons of entering a PhD program and how determined you are to complete it, at some point you may find yourself questioning whether you made […]

What traditional universities offer online PhD programs?

Traditional universities offer accredited online PhD programs ranging from healthcare to education to business to computer science. In virtually all cases, the academic requirements and length of PhD programs online are no different than the on-campus versions. Most of these programs require students to visit campus at least several times over the course of the […]

What are the downfalls of getting my PhD online?

While online PhD programs can be an excellent option for many students, there are several potential pitfalls to consider before deciding on a program. Though many online students can overcome these issues with proper planning and flexibility, others may have to reconsider their plans. Depending on your favored subject and your academic and career goals, […]

Where can I find accredited online PhD programs?

If you are considering online PhD programs or brick-and-mortar universities with online PhDs, it is essential that you check for proper accreditation during your research. Accreditation demonstrates that an academic institution or program meets high standards of quality in all aspects. Degrees from accredited PhD programs are recognized by governments, academic institutions, professional organizations and […]

What is a fully funded PhD program?

A fully funded PhD program is 1 that offers admitted students financial aid in an amount equal to the tuition, fees and living expenses associated with completing the program within the expected timeframe. PhD funding typically includes scholarships, fellowships and grants, as well as teaching and research assistantships. Many PhD programs at leading public and […]

How much do PhD programs cost?

PhD programs vary in cost depending on the school and the number of years required to finish the degree. Additionally, most public universities charge higher tuition to out-of-state students, usually a figure close to double the tuition charged to an in-state student. Private universities typically charge the same tuition to all students regardless of residency. […]

What are the shortest PhD programs?

Most PhD programs require a minimum of 5 or 6 years to complete under ideal conditions. In reality, however, the actual time to completion can vary depending on student ability and focus, specific program requirements and a variety of other factors. According to a 2006 study by the National Science Foundation, the average time required […]

Is it mandatory to have publications to apply for a PhD program?

Academic publication generally refers to articles that contain original research and are published in peer reviewed journals. Academic publications are used by PhD candidates and professors to share new research that advances knowledge in their field of study. Many hundreds of academic journals exist, representing virtually all PhD disciplines. Most research libraries carry a large […]

How many PhD programs should I apply to?

PhD admissions are exceptionally competitive. Top PhD programs in a variety of disciplines report receiving more than 400 applications for fewer than 20 student slots each year. While many PhD programs have much more favorable acceptance rates, the fact remains that PhD programs are difficult to get into. Thus, to have the best chance of […]

Do you need a masters degree to be accepted into a PhD program?

Many traditional PhD programs and accredited online PhD programs do not require a masters degree for admission. Rather, in these subjects most students enter PhD studies directly after completing a bachelors degree. However, standards can vary from program to program, so it is important to confirm the requirements at your prospective school or schools as […]

What can I do in my undergraduate program to help me get into a top PhD program?

The top PhD programs in virtually all subjects are exceptionally competitive. Therefore, it is essential that you begin preparing early in your undergraduate years to build the knowledge, skills and experience that will help you stand out when application time comes around. As you near the end of your undergraduate career, you must begin thinking […]